Instruments of the GEOTAIL Spacecraft

Characteristic         Instrument                             PI*, Co-I
Electric Field         Spherical probe and wire antenna       K. Tsuruda*
 (EFD)                 Electron boomerang                     F. S. Mozer
                       Ion emitter                            R. Schmidt

Magnetic Field         Fluxgate                               S. Kokubun*
 (MGF)                 Search coil                            M. Acuna
                                                              D. Fairfield

Plasma                 Ion/electron 3-dim vel distribution    T. Mukai*
 (LEP)                 Solar wind ions
                       Ion mass/energy spectrum

Plasma                 Low energy particle detector           L. A. Frank*
 (CPI)                 Solar wind ions
                       Ion mass/energy spectrum

Energetic Particles    Low energy particle detector           T. Doke*
 (HEP)                 Ion/electron burst detector            B. Wilken
                       Medium energy ions isotope ratio
                       High energy ions isotope ratio

Energetic Particles    Ions charge state, mass and energy     D. Williams*
 (EPIC)                Ions mass and energy

Plasma Waves           Frequency sweep                        H. Matsumoto*
 (PWI)                 Multichannel analyzer                  R. Anderson
                       Wave form capture