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Last updated on 18 July 2018
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  CSG Report
We are on schedule!
Professor David Rothery had a talk about Mercury missions in TEDxLondon.

  CSG Report
Today is the world's emoji day.
We have a chance to look at Mercury.
  CSG Report
Today was the first static firing test of P120C. The motor will be used as the first stage for VegaC as well as boosters for Ariane6.
  CSG Report
Big congratulations to France for the world cup title!
Public viewing in Kourou was full of fans cheering for the national team. Cars decorated with the French flags paraded the streets.
  CSG Report
Bastille day celebrations in Kourou! We enjoyed performances by French Military, Police, Fire Brigade, followed by fireworks on the beach.
  CSG Report
Bepi@ESA_Bepi and bepicolmbo@bepicolombo tweet on Twitter!
  CSG Report
JAXA and MMO flags were raised in front of the Payload Preparation Facility S5 building where the BepiColombo team is busily preparing for the launch.
MPO MLI and MTM Solar array panel works are still ongoing. The panels are hung from a dedicated rig inside the cleanroom, deployed, then attached to the spacecraft.
  Training at ESOC
Training sessions are going on at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany to get ready for the launch and future operations.
  CSG report
Finalisation of MPO Multi-layer Insulation (MLI) is ongoing. The MLI is hand-sewn to fit the spacecraft. Meanwhile, the solar array paddles are being attached to MTM.
  Mating to MOSIF frame
MMO is now attached to the MOSIF frame and is in standby inside the cleantent. Next actvity will be the electrical functional tests with MPO and MTM.
MMO in the clean tent.
  CSG Report
The two Ariane 5 rockets moved at the Spaceport.
  Xe fueling to MTM
The MTM's tanks were loaded with 581 kg of Xe, which is the fuel for the electric propulsion system.
  Final standalone test
The final function test of MMO in standalone configuration is completed. We are moving on to combined tests with MPO.
  Final check of MMO science instruments
The MMO science instruments were checked by their engineers and scientists. It was the final check before the launch.
  New Name for MMO!
MIO is selected as the new name for the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO). Thank you for all the submissions!
JAXA Press Release is click here.
  MMO RCS final loading
MMO RCS tank final loading and pressuization is completed. MMO uses Nitrogen gas to control its attitude and spin rate.
  MMO RCS leak test
MMO RCS (Reaction Control System) leak test is completed. The tank is pressurized with Helium gas to check that the system has no leaks.
  Opening of MMO container
 MMO spacecraft is taken out of the container and placed inside the cleanroom. The preparation activities for launch will start soon.
  MMO arrives at Centre Spatial Guyanais!
 MMO Container has arrived at Centre Spatial Guyanais in French Guiana, which is the launch site of the Ariane5 rocket.
Please see also ESA's homepage.
  MMO departure from ESTEC
 After 3 years of various testing with the European modules(MPO, MTM, MOSIF), MMO is departing from ESTEC. MMO and MTM will be loaded onto an Antonov, and flying from Schipol Airport to Cayenne Airport, with a stopover in Santa Maria Island.
  MMO Container Closure
 MMO is now placed inside a dedicated container for transportation. The air inside the container is replaced with Nitrogen gas to prevent condensation. An air conditioning unit is attached for temperature control. MMO will be shipped at end of April from ESTEC in The Netherlands to the Ariane5 launch site in French Guiana.
  BepiColombo 17th Science Working Team (SWT) meeting
The 17th BepiColombo SWT Meeting was held in Braunschweig, Germany, on 12 - 16 March 2018.
Details will be reported later.
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BepiColombo, a cooperative mission by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) / Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) and European Space Agency (ESA), will explore Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun. ISAS/JAXA is building one of the main spacecraft, the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO), and ESA will contribute the other, the Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO).
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